The Twelve Step Journal

The Twelve Step Journal Author Claudette Wassil-Grimm
ISBN-10 PSU:000032460605
Year 1995-11-01
Pages 371
Language en
Publisher Overlook Books

This exciting, revolutionary workbook, designed for anyone on a Twelve-Step-oriented recovery program, adapts beautifully to nearly all recovery programs. It presents the twelve steps in their original form, as well as in alternative, secular version, and offers exercises and suggestions for journal entries that include topics such as storytelling, dreams, confessions, and conflicts and resolutions.

OA Big Book Study Guide

OA Big Book Study Guide Author Lawrie C.
ISBN-10 1494919125
Year 2014-01-08
Pages 86
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub

This is an updated version (January 2014) of the popular OA Big Book study guide written by Lawrie C. It is reproduced (printed and bound) and offered for sale under the author's terms as a service to OA members. Reproduction and sale at a price above cost of is a violation of the author's terms and copyright. Find out more at

Stop Eating Your Heart Out

Stop Eating Your Heart Out Author Meryl Hershey Beck
ISBN-10 160925581X
Year 2012-04-01
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Conari Press

Stop Eating Your Heart Out speaks to anyone’s challenges with food, weight, and emotional eating, and then offers a multitude of effective self-help tools. As the author discloses her very personal struggle with food and out-of-control eating, she is telling the story of millions of others who use food to self-soothe. The book’s focus, however, is on recovery. In her wisdom as a licensed professional clinical counselor, the author enumerates methods that have worked for her and her clients over the past twenty years. Tools for recovery include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Inner Child work, 12 Step recovery, journaling, creative visualization, meditation, gratitude, conscious living, and so much more. Compulsive overeating is conquerable. If you, or anyone you love, want freedom from emotional eating, this book is for you.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Author Anonymous
ISBN-10 1893007162
Year 2002-02-10
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher AA World Services

Alcoholics Anonymous (also known as the Big Book in recovery circles) sets forth cornerstone concepts of recovery from alcoholism and tells the stories of men and women who have overcome the disease. The fourth edition includes twenty-four new stories that provide contemporary sharing for newcomers seeking recovery from alcoholism in A.A. during the early years of the 21st century. Sixteen stories are retained from the third edition, including the "Pioneers of A.A." section, which helps the reader remain linked to A.A.'s historic roots, and shows how early members applied this simple but profound program that helps alcoholics get sober today. Approximately 21 million copies of the first three editions of "Alcoholics Anonymous" have been distributed. It is expected that the new fourth edition will play its part in passing on A.A.'s basic message of recovery. This fourth edition has been approved by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous, in the hope that many more may be led toward recovery by reading its explanation of the A.A. program and its varied examples of personal experiences which demonstrate that the A.A. program works.

Understanding the Twelve Steps

Understanding the Twelve Steps Author Terence T. Gorski
ISBN-10 9780671765583
Year 1991-04-15
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Offers information on understanding and applying the steps in everyday life and interprets the principles behind the AA program

Food for Thought

Food for Thought Author Elisabeth L.
ISBN-10 9780894860904
Year 1980-07-01
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Hazelden Publishing

The meditations in Food for Thought focus on our need for support, compassion, understanding, and acceptance of our compulsive eating. Each daily reading provides encouragement for turning to our Higher Power for comfort and addresses the steps and concerns that help us in our recovery. These meditations help recovering women and men begin to benefit from a physically, emotionally, and spiritually balanced life.

A Woman s Way through the Twelve Steps

A Woman s Way through the Twelve Steps Author Stephanie Covington
ISBN-10 9781592857937
Year 2009-06-03
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Hazelden Publishing

Recovery is not a man's world, and yet to a woman it can sometimes seem that way. Geared specifically to that woman, this book brings a feminine perspective to the Twelve Step program, searching out the healing messages beneath the male-oriented words. Based on an open exploration and a flexible interpretation of the Twelve Steps, this new perspective takes into account the psychological development of women as it relates to addiction and recovery, as well as the social and cultural factors that affect women in particular. Acknowledging that recovery raises special issues for women--from questions about sexuality, relationships, and everyday life to anxieties about speaking up at mixed-gender meetings--A Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps focuses directly on the feminine experience of addiction and healing. The author explores the Twelve Steps one by one, reiterating each in its traditional language, then explaining and illustrating it in a way that highlights a woman's experience--empowering the reader to take ownership of her own recovery process as well as her growth as a woman.

7 Tools to Beat Addiction

7 Tools to Beat Addiction Author Stanton Peele. Ph.D., J.D.
ISBN-10 9780307419637
Year 2007-12-18
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Harmony

DO YOU WANT A LIFE WITHOUT ADDICTION? Whether you are battling drugs, nicotine, alcohol, food, shopping, sex, or gambling, 7 Tools to Beat Addiction is a hands-on, practical guide to overcoming addiction of any kind. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction but do not find that twelve-step or other treatment programs work for you, this book can help. In , internationally recognized expert Dr. Stanton Peele presents a program for addiction recovery based on research and clinical study and grounded in science. His program utilizes proven methods that people actually use to overcome addiction, with or without treatment. 7 Tools to Beat Addiction offers in-depth, interactive exercises that show you how to outgrow destructive habits by putting together the building blocks for a balanced, fulfilling, responsible life. Dr. Peele’s approach is founded on the following tools: •Values •Motivation •Rewards •Resources •Support •Maturity •Higher Goals This no-nonsense guide will put you in charge of your own recovery. From the Trade Paperback edition.