Research Methods For Business

Research Methods For Business Author Uma Sekaran
ISBN-10 9781119165552
Year 2016-06-27
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach is a concise and straightforward introduction for students to the world of business research. The skill-building approach provides students with practical perspectives on how research can be applied in real business situations. Maintaining Uma Sekaran’ s popular and accessible style of writing, Roger Bougie draws upon his extensive experience in the field to present an up-to-date guide on business research which is ideal for aspiring managers. The seventh edition has been fully revised and updated to include cutting-edge examples and enriched pedagogical features designed to improve student learning outcomes. There is now an increased emphasis on the relationship between the scientific and the pragmatic approaches to research, while the key concepts are explored and applied to real-life research throughout the book. This book is accompanied by a companion website at which offers: Video material developed by the author, giving further explanation on difficult topics PowerPoint slides for each chapter Additional case studies Lecturer test bank including multiple choice, true–false, short answer and essay questions Data sets Over 250 quiz questions for students’ self-study

Research methods for business

Research methods for business Author Uma Sekaran
ISBN-10 PSU:000044049447
Year 2000
Pages 463
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Make Better Managerial Decisions Through Scientific Research! With the third edition, you'll gain the skills necessary to carry out research projects that will greatly improve decision making for all areas of business. Through its clear and straightforward presentation of ideas, you'll learn the practical usefulness of business research to managers. And you'll easily be able to focus on the theory behind scientific research and immediately apply it to research projects. Key Features of the Third Edition A new chapter on Technology and Business Research highlights the use of the Internet and Intranet, e-mail, enterprise resource planning, video conferencing, data mining, and more. New Managerial Relevance sections are integrated throughout the text to provide a real-world perspective on how research is applied in actual business situations. The use of software for data collection, data analysis, and report presentation is fully explained. The uses of SPSS and EXCEL for data analysis are comprehensively illustrated. Ethical issues relating to research and the aspects of business, data collection, and data analysis are integrated throughout the book Examples and projects throughout each chapter help build the essential skills for managerial success. The issues in cross-national research in sampling and data collection are thoroughly discussed. The qualitative-quantitative aspects of research are brought together through a case study on the final chapter.

Research Methods For Business A Skill Building Approach 4Th Ed

Research Methods For Business  A Skill Building Approach  4Th Ed Author Uma Sekaran
ISBN-10 8126509287
Year 2006-08-14
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Known for its clear and practical approach, this book offers a framework for conducting research in a scientific manner in all areas of business. Readers learn how to develop practical knowledge and skills to understand the ways in which systematic research can be conducted to describe, explain, and predict phenomena of interest pertaining to business. The fourth edition will continue to be strong in delivering a technical approach while presenting more real world applications.· Introduction to Research· Scientific Investigation· Technology and Business Research· The Research Process: Steps 1 to 3: The Broad Problem Area, Preliminary Data Gathering, Problem Definition· The Research Process: Steps 4 and 5: Theoretical Framework Hypothesis Development· The Research Process: Step 6: Elements of Research Design· Experimental Designs· Measurement of Variables: Operational Definition and Scales· Measurement: Scaling, Reliability, Validity· Data Collection Methods· Sampling· Data Analysis and Interpretation· The Research Report· Managerial Decision Making and Research


ISBN-10 8126531312
Year 2011-06-01
Pages 488
Language en

Market_Desc: The book is intended for all business and marketing students taking Research Methods (usually 2nd year and 3rd year) as well as conversion masters and masters courses. About The Book: Reputed for its clear and practical approach, Sekaran offers a framework for conducting research in a scientific manner in all areas of business. Students learn to develop practical knowledge and skills to understand and carry out research projects. This new edition is updated to strengthen areas of the text such as Data Analysis and to totally refresh the section on the role of technology and the use of statistical packages in research. Examples and scenarios will be updated and the book continues to emphasize managerial relevance and ethical implications throughout.

Research Methods for Business

Research Methods for Business Author 4th Edition Sekaran
ISBN-10 1428813462
Year 2006-10
Pages 68
Language en
Publisher Academic Internet Pub Incorporated

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Research Methods for Business A Skill Building Approach

Research Methods for Business  A Skill Building Approach Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781478450948
Year 2016-10-16
Pages 56
Language en
Publisher Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Facts101 is your complete guide to Research Methods for Business, A Skill Building Approach. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Research Methods for Business Students

Research Methods for Business Students Author Mark N.K. Saunders
ISBN-10 9781292016641
Year 2015-07-15
Pages 768
Language en
Publisher Pearson Higher Ed

Research Methods for Business Students has been fully revised for this seventh edition and continues to be the market-leading textbook in its field, guiding hundreds of thousands of student researchers to success in their research methods modules, research proposals, projects and dissertations. So, if you're thinking . . . 'How do I choose my topic?' 'I'm confused by all these different philosophies' 'I need to collect my data; what do I do first?' ‘When and what do I need to write? . . . then, open this book to discover: Regular checklists and ‘Progressing your research project’ sections to give you step-by-step practical guidance on the process A glossary of clear definitions for 600 research terms Cases and examples of students’ and academics’ research and topical news articles illustrating research in practice Detailed chapters on choosing your topic, reviewing the literature, understanding philosophies, research design, access and ethics, secondary data, data collection and analysis, and writing about and presenting your research Don’t forget to visit where you can use online tutorials on research software, such as IBM SPSS Statistics and NVivo, test yourself with hundreds of multiple choice questions, analyse over 60 further case studies, and learn how to search the Internet more efficiently and effectively with our Smarter Online Searching guide! Start your project with confidence and complete it with success! Mark Saunders is Professor of Business Research Methods at The Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. Philip Lewis was a Principal Lecturer and Adrian Thornhill was a Head of Department, both at the University of Gloucestershire.

Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods Author Alan Bryman
ISBN-10 9780199668649
Year 2015-03-26
Pages 808
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

A complete introduction to doing business research, Business Research Methods is the ideal guide for students embarking on a research project. Together with real students and supervisors, the authors draw on their own extensive experience to give readers tips for success and provide advice to help them avoid common mistakes. Developed specifically with business and management students in mind, this bestselling textbook explores the nature and purpose of business research and the issues it entails, while also providing students with practical advice on carrying out their research. In addition to a broad range of relevant case studies, the book features a substantial discussion of ethics, a chapter on internet research methods, and a strong emphasis on practical content such as planning a project and writing it up. With a new chapter on the nature of business research that explains why an understanding of research methods is so important to the broader study of business and management, and a new chapter on sampling in qualitative research, Business Research Methods remains the book of choice to help you build a full understanding of the subject.New to this editionA new introductory chapter on the nature of business research explains to students the relevance and importance of studying research methods, while also considering the 'messiness' of business research by giving guidance to students on how to proceed if things do not go to plan.A new chapter on sampling in qualitative research complements the existing chapter on sampling in quantitative research, providing full coverage of this important topic.New material on the use of technology in research, including the use of Skype for interviewing and work blogs as sources of data, keeps the book fully up-to-date with the latest trends in research methods.New coverage of shadowing in organizations, experience and event sampling, thematic analysis, and global and multi-site ethnography.Increased coverage of writing for academic audiences and mixed-methods research.Fully updated to include coverage of SPSS 22.

Advanced Research Methods in the Built Environment

Advanced Research Methods in the Built Environment Author Andrew Knight
ISBN-10 9781444309515
Year 2009-03-16
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

This book provides a bridge between the introductory research methods books and the discipline-specific, higher level texts. Its unique feature is the coverage of the detailed process of research rather than the findings of research projects. Chapter authors have been carefully selected by their expertise, discipline and location to give an eclectic range of perspectives. Particular care has been taken to balance positivist with interpretivist approaches throughout. The authors focus is on the practical consequences of research philosophies, strategies and techniques by using their own research and by evaluating the work of others. Advanced Research Methods in the Built Environment addresses common topics raised by postgraduate level researchers rather than dealing with all aspects of the research process. Issues covered range from the practicalities of producing a journal article to the role of theory in research. The material brought together here provides a valuable resource for the training and development of doctoral and young researchers and will contribute to a new sense of shared methodological understanding across built environment research.

Essentials of Business Research Methods

Essentials of Business Research Methods Author Joseph F. Hair
ISBN-10 9780765630650
Year 2015-05-18
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher M.E. Sharpe

Managers increasingly must make decisions based on almost unlimited information. How can they navigate and organize this vast amount of data? Essentials of Business Research Methods provides research techniques for people who aren't data analysts. The authors offer a straightforward, hands-on approach to the vital managerial process of gathering and using data to make clear business decisions. They include such critical topics as the increasing role of online research, ethical issues, data mining, customer relationship management, and how to conduct information-gathering activities more effectively in a rapidly changing business environment. This is the only such book that includes a chapter on qualitative data analysis, and the coverage of quantitative data analysis is more extensive and much easier to understand than in other works. The book features a realistic continuing case throughout the text that enables students to see how business research information is used in the real world. It includes applied research examples in all chapters, as well as Ethical Dilemma mini - cases, and interactive Internet applications and exercises.

Research Methods in Practice

Research Methods in Practice Author Dahlia K. Remler
ISBN-10 9781483323589
Year 2014-03-24
Pages 648
Language en
Publisher SAGE Publications

The Second Edition of Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation sets an entirely new standard for presenting and learning research methods. The perspective gained from this text makes it a truly necessary tool for such applied disciplines as public affairs and administration, public policy, psychology, urban affairs, education, sociology, social work, business, public health, political science, economics, communications and criminal justice. Imbued with a deep commitment to make social and policy research methods accessible and meaningful, the Second Edition of Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation compels and inspires students to truly grasp the logic—and limits—of the latest research appearing in academic journals, government reports, and the media. Authors Dahlia K. Remler and Gregg G. Van Ryzin cover the most pertinent issues and methods, emphasizing the critical interpretation and practical application of research findings. Both causation and description—and the distinction between them—are emphasized and maintained thematically throughout the text. Concepts are taught through in-depth examples, such as “Fighting Malaria in Kenya,” “The U.S. Poverty Measure,” “The Fallout from Hurricane Katrina,” “Family Dinners and Teenage Substance Abuse,” and “The Effect of Poverty on Mental Health.” The realistic trade-offs, uncertainties, habits, and excitement of the research experience come through on every page. “This is the best text available for teaching students the fundamentals of research design and statistics, and for introducing them to the difficulties inherent in evaluation research and causal inference.” —Dave E. Marcotte, University of Maryland, Baltimore County