Out of the Box

Out of the Box Author Bobbito Garcia
ISBN-10 0847846601
Year 2015-06-10
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Skira

A groundbreaking traveling exhibition, Out of the Box showcases sneakers, from the mid-nineteenth century to sports performance breakthroughs, to present-day cultural icons. Drawn from the collection of the Bata Shoe Museum and significant private collectors, museums, and archives--including adidas AG, Converse Archives, Kosow Sneaker Museum, Nike Archives, Northampton Museums and Art Gallery, and Reebok Archives--this selection is richly contextualized with interviews and essays by design innovators, sneaker collectors, and cultural historians, creating a backdrop of the technical innovation, fashion trends, social history, and marketing campaigns that shaped the form over the past two centuries. Out of the Box includes sneakers ranging from an 1860 spiked running shoe, a pair of 1936 track shoes, Air Jordans I-XX3, the original Air Force 1, and early Adidas Superstars to contemporary sneakers by prominent figures including Damien Hirst, Jeremy Scott, Jeff Staple, and Kanye West. The book also highlights sneakers and prototype drawings that span the career of Nike sneaker design legend Tinker Hatfield, making this the definitive illustrated history of sneaker culture.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box Author Jemma Westing
ISBN-10 1465458964
Year 2017-04-18
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher DK Children

Twenty-five interactive cardboard model projects that engage kids' creativity and "out of the box" thinking skills through hands-on learning and the application of science-based principles. Kids can bring old cardboard to life and build recycled creations they can play with, sit in, and wear. Supporting STEM education initiatives and the Maker Movement, Out of the Box includes 25 interactive cardboard model projects to inspire kids' creativity through engaged and hands-on learning. From small-scale gifts to large constructions, author and award-winning paper engineer Jemma Westing uses clear, step-by-step instructions to show kids how to make dinosaurs, masks, race cars, and so much more, and inspirational images encourage them to make their own unique models when they are feeling more confident. The projects utilize only recycled materials, including cardboard rolls and boxes, so all the supplies should be easy to find right at home. Build something brilliant with Out of the Box. The possibilities are endless!

Leadership and Self deception

Leadership and Self deception Author Arbinger Institute
ISBN-10 9781427087867
Year 2008-10
Pages 284
Language en
Publisher ReadHowYouWant.com

This edition tackles the issue of self-deception and provides methodologies to help people overcome it.

Out of the Box for Life

Out of the Box for Life Author Warren Berland
ISBN-10 0060191007
Year 1999
Pages 227
Language en
Publisher Warren Berland

A noted clinical psychologist offers stepbystep exercises to help readers break free of old patterns and resolve problems quickly, improve relationships, and move beyond hurt and anger, including case studies on marital problems, unresolved anger, overeating, and more. Tour.

Moving Out of the Box

Moving Out of the Box Author Jana M. Kemp
ISBN-10 9780804762465
Year 2009
Pages 168
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

A veteran author and consultant shows how teams and team leaders can improve communication, make better decisions, and reach goals more effectively, quickly, and productively.

Out of the Box and onto Wall Street

Out of the Box and onto Wall Street Author Mark J. Grant
ISBN-10 1118056655
Year 2011-03-23
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

A guide to thinking outside the Wall Street box Part memoir, part investment strategy guide, Out of the Box and onto Wall Street presents a revolutionary, alternative look at the world of finance. Revealing the essential rules for preserving capital and making long-term profits, the book provides timely observations on the current and future state of the world economy and investment markets, which are sure to be of interest to anyone considering alternative and time proven ways of making money. Written by Mark J. Grant, Managing Director of Corporate Syndicate and Structured Products for Southwest Securities, Inc Provides observations on the current and future state of the world economy and investment markets Offers detailed analysis of investment trends, common investor mistakes, and the simple investment strategies that most people are unaware of Designed for professional managers but also applicable for use by individual investors wanting a better understanding of the economy and how to pick smart investments for their own portfolio This is a must-read for anyone who wants to think about investing outside the Wall Street box.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box Author Tom Zatar Kay
ISBN-10 1462816398
Year 2003-10-24
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

A Spiritual Odyssey At 16, he started a solar energy company. At 22, he became a solar energy consultant for Exxon, where he gained the title “Solar Kid”. Today, Tom (Zatar) Kay is making full use of his talents. Out of the Box is more than a list of rules to live by or a cheesy philosophy. It appeals to the masons of today—the young people living under the shadow of the bomb (us). A new-age bible? Zatar is rich with knowledge and wealthy in spirit. The poems are messages of love, peace and hope. Zatar is an occultist whose life’s work is to scientifically prove the existence of “Kundalini” and whose dream is to take humanity to the next stage in evolution. So I asked, “What is Kundalini?” Zatar replied, “It is the mind energy needed to be one with the universe and use a greater percentage of the brain than we do. Our greatest asset, more valuable than any dream you could ever have, lies within everybody and we have the equal chance to awaken the temple of God inside. Which is the basis of all religion, the basis of art and creative ability. Kundalini is consciousness.” —Written by Groovy GURU Table of Contents: * PLEASE READ WITH BACK STRAIGHT (Autobiography) * INTERVIEW WITH ZATAR * ZATAR´S INTERVIEW WITH GOPI KRISHNA (Gopi Krishna´s last interview) * THE ENERGY BEHIND ENLIGHTENMENT * OUR MATERNAL STAR * SAVE THE EARTH - BUY GREEN * OUT OF THE BOX (Poetry)

Rockin Out of the Box

Rockin  Out of the Box Author Mimi Schippers
ISBN-10 081353075X
Year 2002
Pages 209
Language en
Publisher Rutgers University Press

Given the long history of feminism and its contested place in popular culture, important, practical questions arise: What effect, if any, have feminist ideas and practices had on the lives of young men and women who grew up with them? How do these individuals negotiate the realities of gender in their daily lives? In Rockin' Out of the Box, Mimi Schippers, employing the crucial feminist insight that gender is a constantly shifting performance and not an essential quality related to sex, explores the gender roles, assumptions, and transgressions of the men and women involved in the alternative hard rock scene. The author focuses on this sizable section of rock music both because it is widely inclusive of men and women and because it explicitly adopted feminism as its point of departure from mainstream music. Schippers uses the innovative term gender maneuvering to explain her observations that gender and sexuality are negotiated and always changing features of social relations. This process, she demonstrates, operates as a cultural practice and as an individual strategy of resistance to socially prescribed gender roles. Schippers, who spent more than two years frequenting alternative hard rock clubs and concerts in Chicago, conducted extensive interviews with fans as well as musicians, including Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Donita Sparks and Jennifer Finch of L7, Kat Bjelland and Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland, Rose of Poster Children, Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt, and Liz Davis and Valerie Agnew of 7 Year Bitch. As it documents the development of a rock music genre that has so far received little academic attention, this book also demonstrates how this musical culture contributes to our understanding of the daily practices of gender relations among young people.

Step Out of The Box

Step Out of The Box Author Patricia Christopher
ISBN-10 1477214828
Year 2012-03-09
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

This book is a collection of words, and poems given to me through the holy spirit. Some of them are personal and some of them are words from God. I always knew that I would be a writer but I never contemplated how the Lord would use me to get his words across. This book is designed for everyone who needs a word from the lord not only those who believe in him but anyone who is lost. I pray that who ever reads this finds the peace that they need in there life and I give all the glory to God for he is the true author of this book.

Think Out of the Box

Think Out of the Box Author Mike Vance
ISBN-10 1564142787
Year 1997
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Career PressInc

In today's fast-changing global marketplace, organizations must adapt to new, sometimes contradictory, demands from customers, competitors, employees, and shareholders. "Think Out of the Box" offers a treasure chest of operational creativity--the same creative solutions which major corporations have used for three decades.

Out of the Box and Loving It

Out of the Box and Loving It Author Todd Shaw
ISBN-10 9781600340703
Year 2006-04-01
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

This engaging and motivating book brings new meaning to the phrase "outreach." Out of the Box will help you discover a personal plan of service that will impact others.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box Author Michelle Mulder
ISBN-10 9781459800311
Year 2011-04-01
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Orca Book Publishers

Life is smoothest for thirteen-year-old Ellie when she keeps her opinions to herself, gets good grades and speaks carefully when her parents ask her to settle their arguments. She feels guilty that she welcomes the chance to spend the summer in another city with her mother's older sister, Jeanette. Ellie makes a new friend and learns to play an Argentine instrument called the bandoneón, which she finds in her aunt’s basement. When she goes searching for the bandoneón's original owner, she discovers a story of political intrigue and family secrets that help her start to figure out where her parents end and she begins.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box Author Mary Bast
ISBN-10 0976315904
Year 2005
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Ninestar Publishing

Learn to use the Enneagram for better understanding of nine different ways of viewing the world and where to apply leverage for transformational change.