If God Disappears

If God Disappears Author David R. Sanford
ISBN-10 9781414316178
Year 2008
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Virtually everyone has—or will—face crises of life and faith. These pivotal times are part of everyone's spiritual journey. Why then do some people emerge from the crisis with their faith intact while others give up on God, the church, and holy living? If God Disappearscomes alongside the Christian who is spiritually drifting—or is on the verge—or knows someone who is considering leaving God and the church behind—and compassionately empowers them to re-embrace their faith. Author David Sanford shares nine “faith wreckers†and nine “faith builders†to help us better understand which circumstances and attitudes undermine our faith and which ones draw us closer to God.

When God Disappears

When God Disappears Author Shane Stanford
ISBN-10 9781441225818
Year 2013-07-25
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

What happens when the storm does not pass? When the pain does not stop? When the prodigal does not return? When our sins continue to taunt us? When we make the same mistakes and break the same hearts again and again? When the chasm between what we do and what God intends widens until we can't even see the other side? In six very special encounters recorded in the Gospels, Jesus addressed the too much and the too late scenarios of our lives. Pastor, teacher, and author Shane Stanford brings these meetings vividly to life, offering a glimpse of Jesus' passion for restoring the unrestorable and redeeming the unredeemable. As a hemophiliac who lives with HIV and hepatitis-C, Stanford has deeply and personally experienced the too much and the too late of life, and recognizes his own story in these six appointments with Jesus. In When God Disappears, he helps us to do the same: to see ourselves in these messy, all too-human Jesus encounters and to experience the grace and hope of a God who has not forgotten us.

Imagining God

Imagining God Author Hans-Georg Ziebertz
ISBN-10 3825854256
Year 2002
Pages 285
Language en
Publisher LIT Verlag Münster

Is the question of God still relevant for our time? Empirical studies from an international perspective show the fact that there are both indications of God's importance and disappearance. The articles in this book deal with questions related to the content, structure and function of images of God. The studies document the actual variety and forms of religious practice and highlight the issues of God present - out of necessity from an ecumenical and interdisciplinary point of view. If and how the question of God is asked is not only of denominational interest, but is also of a cultural importance for the individual and public life in Europe. The empirical studies in this collection were discussed at the "Wurzburg Research Days - Practical Theology" in December 2000.

Engaging Deconstructive Theology

Engaging Deconstructive Theology Author Ronald T. Michener
ISBN-10 9781317143444
Year 2016-04-29
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Engaging Deconstructive Theology presents an evangelical approach for theological conversation with postmodern thinkers. Themes are considered from Derrida, Foucault, Mark C. Taylor, Rorty, and Cupitt, developing dialogue from an open-minded evangelical perspective. Ron Michener draws upon insights from radical postmodern thought and seeks to advance an apologetic approach to the Christian faith that acknowledges a mosaic of human sources including experience, literature, and the imagination.

Do We Need God to Be Good

Do We Need God to Be Good Author C.R. Hallpike
ISBN-10 9781508055983
Year 2017-02-01
Language en
Publisher Castalia House

Anthropologist Christopher Hallpike has spent decades studying religion and morality in a wide variety of world cultures. In DO WE NEED GOD TO BE GOOD?, he examines moral philosophies that range from primitive paganism to advanced secular humanism, as well as the sciences that attempt to study them. Dr. Hallpike’s insight into the human condition is unique, as he has lived among tribal societies in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea as well as the academic elite of the West. His scientific observations are fascinating, his logic is sound, and his scrutiny of evolutionary psychology, from the perspective of an experienced professional anthropologist, is among the most comprehensive scientific critiques of a popular theory ever published. Featuring a foreword by astrophysicist Sarah Salviander, DO WE NEED GOD TO BE GOOD? is a brilliant examination of an age-old question by a renowned scientist.

40 Days Resolution Worship

40 Days Resolution Worship Author Young-Rock Lee
ISBN-10 9780988802650
Year 2015-10-18
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Senovia Han Publishing

Translated from back of book in original language (Korean): We Must Receive The Blessing Of Feeling The Love Of The Cross As We Look At The Bible Again! As time goes by, churches of this era are becoming secularized and the heart that is towards God is becoming more distant. Having flowed in worldliness, people’s hearts cannot be supplied with God’s love so they are becoming drier and drier. Spiritual hardship has come in search and the spirits in humans are undergoing anguish. When some problem in life comes, we rely on ourselves more than God and try to resolve it according to worldly methods. However, through the problems of our flesh and daily living, God is trying to expand His kingdom. If God tells someone to offer a 40-days resolution worship, He has a plan and will. He wants to receive spiritual worship from that person’s spirit. Through that time period, we must receive the blessing of feeling the love of the cross as we look at the Bible again. We must find again the love that was lost in Eden.

When God Breaks Your Heart

When God Breaks Your Heart Author Ed Underwood
ISBN-10 9781434765178
Year 2012-11-08
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher David C Cook

Why is God letting this happen to me? If you have never asked this question, you someday will. There is perhaps no greater challenge to our faith than personal suffering. For pastor Ed Underwood this challenge came in the form of chronic leukemia. Though he prayed for and believed in God's healing, as the days slipped by and his pain became unbearable, Ed's heart was broken by a simple realization: The God who could do anything was not helping him. Yet a revelation from God's Word changed his heart and life forever. In this poignant journey from tragedy to hope, Ed takes a fresh look at the story of Lazarus and his sisters—a story that explores suffering through the eyes of our Lord and His people. You'll find comfort during difficulty, be inspired to ask for the impossible, and discover a God whose heart breaks with yours.

Modernity and Religion

Modernity and Religion Author William Nicholls
ISBN-10 9781554587599
Year 1988-02-08
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

"It would be possible to argue," writes William Nicholls, "that the pivotal subject of debate among theologians for the past two hundred years has been the relationship between modernity and the Christian tradition." What is modernity—a philosophical outlook or a set of ideas? What is modernization —a social process? Is modernity the same as secularity, as many theologians and sociologists in the West believe? Is the impact of modernity weakening religious traditions? Are the responses of non-Western religious traditions to modernity similar to Western ones, or are they distinctive, indigenous adaptations to the same world-wide development. These are the kinds of concerns the interdisciplinary group of scholars addresses in this volume. Contributors include Moshe Amon ("Utopias and Counter-Utopias"), Alan Davies ("The Rise o Racism in the Nineteenth Century: Symptom of Modernity"), Robert Ellwood, Jr. ("Modern Religion as Folk Religion"), Irving Hexham ("Modernity or Reaction in South Africa: The Case of Afrikaner Religion"), Shotaro Iida ("Japanese New Religions"), Shelia McDonough ("modernity in Islamic Persepctive"), William Nicholls ("Immanent Transcendence: Spirituality in a Scientific and Critical Age"), K. Dad Prithipaul ("Modernity and Religious Studies"), Tom Sinclair-Faulkner ("Caution: Moralists at Work"), Huston Smith ("Can Modernity Accommodate Transcendence?"), and John Wilson ("Modernity and Religion: A Problem of Perspective").

What If God Were One of Us

What If God Were One of Us Author Arran Anderson
ISBN-10 9781450287043
Year 2011-05
Pages 364
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Everything humanity has ever learned, finally comes down to this. "What If God Were One Of Us?" This is a new novel with a new message about a new time for a new consciousness in a new energy when a new future depends on it. There is a New Energy which humanity has not yet learned to adapt to, because it requires higher consciousness in order to function at the increased vibration; so until humanity is willing to make that shift, senseless and non-winnable wars will continue to be fought, as people continue holding on to outdated beliefs that no longer serve them. It's not about learning to deal with the reality of climate change; it's about learning to change your beliefs about reality. What If God Were One of Us? is not only a cry to awaken, but also presents startling revelations about the destiny of the planet. It's an intriguing fictional novel about the expansion of human consciousness, offering the world a choice for the creation of a new and enlightened society.

Questions of the Soul

Questions of the Soul Author S. Thomas Valentine
ISBN-10 9780827231757
Year 2015-01-27
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher Chalice Press

The Festival of Young Preachers is a trans-denominational, one-of-a-kind event designed to showcase and encourage young people who aspire to be preachers of the Gospel. Questions of the Soul celebrates the preaching ministry of the millennial generation with its collection of sermons preached during the 2014 Festival.

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology Author Paul Tillich
ISBN-10 0226803376
Year 1973-09-15
Pages 312
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

Addresses the overall issue of meaning and meaningless from a mid-twentieth century perspective. Focuses on God as the "ground of being," Christology, and life in the spirit.