Delicacy Author David Foenkinos
ISBN-10 9781408830055
Year 2011-12-06
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

He was passing by, she kissed him without thinking. Now she wonders whether she did the right thing. But Natalie isn't certain of anything anymore. One minute she was a happily married young woman, successful in her career, and convinced the future was full of promise. But when her husband was run over by a car, her whole world was turned upside down. Years later, still bruised with grief but desperate to move on with her life, she impulsively kisses her colleague Markus. For Natalie, the kiss is just a gratuitous act. For the awkward, unassuming Markus, it is the moment at which he falls hopelessly, helplessly in love. But how will he ever convince such a beautiful, intelligent but confused young woman that he is the man who can bring her back to life?


Delicacy Author David Foenkinos
ISBN-10 9780062101617
Year 2012-02-14
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

Reminiscent of novels by Nick Hornby, Muriel Barbery, and Jonathan Tropper,internationally acclaimed novelist David Foenkinosdelivers a heartfelt and deftly comedic tale of new love brightening the darkaftermath of loss—and of wounded hearts finding refuge in the strangest ofplaces. After her husband’s unexpected death, Natalie has erected a fortressaround her emotions—and Markus, clumsy and unassuming, will never be her knightin shining armor. Yet slowly but surely, an offbeat romance begins betweenthese two mismatched, complex souls, and contrary to everything Natalie knowsof affection, her perfect suitor may turn out to be love’s most unlikelycandidate—the fool, not the hero, who is finally able to reach her heart.

Eighteenth Century Sensibility and the Novel

Eighteenth Century Sensibility and the Novel Author Ann Jessie van Sant
ISBN-10 0521604583
Year 2004-05-20
Pages 143
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This study of sensibility in the eighteenth-century English novel discusses literary representations of suffering and responses to it in the social and scientific context of the period. The reader of novels shares with more scientific observers the activity of gazing on suffering, leading Ann Van Sant to explore the coincidence between the rhetoric of pathos and scientific presentation as they were applied to repentant prostitutes and children of the vagrant and criminal poor. The book goes on to explore the novel's location of psychological responses to suffering in physical forms. Van Sant invokes eighteenth-century debates about the relative status of sight and touch in epistemology and psychology, as a context for discussing the 'man of feeling' (notably in Sterne's A Sentimental Journey) - a spectator who registers his sensibility by physical means.

Nation and Novel

Nation and Novel Author Patrick Parrinder
ISBN-10 9780199264858
Year 2008
Pages 502
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Patrick Parrinder's new history of the English novel from its beginnings to the present day traces the form's distinctive and often subversive reflection of national identity across the centuries. From the early stories of rogues and criminals to present-day novels of immigration, fiction has played a major part in defining our ideas of England and Englishness. Nation and Novel provides both a comprehensive survey and also a new interpretation of theimportance of the English novel.

A Companion to the Eighteenth Century English Novel and Culture

A Companion to the Eighteenth Century English Novel and Culture Author Paula R. Backscheider
ISBN-10 9781405192453
Year 2009-10-19
Pages 556
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

A Companion to the Eighteenth-century Novel furnishes readers with a sophisticated vision of the eighteenth-century novel in its political, aesthetic, and moral contexts. An up-to-date resource for the study of the eighteenth-century novel Furnishes readers with a sophisticated vision of the eighteenth-century novel in its political, aesthetic, and moral context Foregrounds those topics of most historical and political relevance to the twenty-first century Explores formative influences on the eighteenth-century novel, its engagement with the major issues and philosophies of the period, and its lasting legacy Covers both traditional themes, such as narrative authority and print culture, and cutting-edge topics, such as globalization, nationhood, technology, and science Considers both canonical and non-canonical literature

The Delicacy and Strength of Lace

The Delicacy and Strength of Lace Author Leslie Marmon Silko
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105040347754
Year 1986
Pages 106
Language en
Publisher Saint Paul, Minn. : Graywolf Press

"The Delicacy and Strength of Lace" "Letters between Leslie Marmon Silko and James Wright" This moving, eighteen-month exchange of correspondence chronicles the friendship-through-the-mail of two extraordinary writers. Leslie Marmon Silko is a poet and novelist. James Wright won the Pulitzer Prize in 1972 for his "Collected Poems." They met only twice. First, briefly, in 1975, at a writers conference in Michigan. Their correspondence began three years later, after Wright wrote to Silko praising her book "Ceremony." The letters begin formally, and then each writer gradually opens to the other, venturing to share his or her life, work and struggles. The second meeting between the two writers came in a hospital room, as James Wright lay dying of cancer. The "New York Times" wrote something of Wright that applies to both writers-- of qualities that this exchange of letters makes evident. "Our age desperately needs his vision of brotherly love, his transcendent sense of nature, the clarity of his courageous voice."

Novel Minds

Novel Minds Author Rebecca Tierney-Hynes
ISBN-10 9780230369375
Year 2012-07-24
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

In this lively and original book, eighteenth-century philosophy is called to account for what it owes to the early novel. Through the figure of the romance reader, the author tells a new story of eighteenth-century reading. The impressionable mind and mutable identity of the romance reader haunt the background of eighteenth-century definitions of the self, and the seductions of fiction insist on making their appearance in philosophy. Through discussions of Locke, Behn, Shaftesbury, Hume, and Richardson, this book traces the idea of romance as, in the process of engendering resistance, it comes nonetheless to define the empiricist mind as the reading mind.

The English Novel 1700 1740

The English Novel  1700 1740 Author Robert Ignatius Letellier
ISBN-10 0313317461
Year 2002-01-01
Pages 625
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

The English novel written between 1700 and 1740 remains a comparatively neglected area. In addition to Daniel Defoe, whose Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders are landmarks in the history of English fiction, many other authors were at work. This bibliography provides a listing of novels and critical materials pertinent to them. It additionally includes entries for bibliographies, anthologies, and studies that illuminate the cultural, political, and historical background of the period. Entries include annotations, and the volume is fully indexed.

The English Novel Vol I

The English Novel  Vol I Author Richard W. F. Kroll
ISBN-10 9781317896005
Year 2014-07-21
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Routledge

The English Novel, Volume I:1700 to Fielding collects a series of previously-published essays on the early eighteenth-century novel in a single volume, reflecting the proliferation of theoretical approaches since the 1970s. The novel has been the object of some of the most exciting and important critical speculations, and the eighteenth-century novel has been at the centre of new approaches both to the novel and to the period between 1700 and 1750. Richard Kroll's introduction seeks to frame the contributions by reference to the most significant critical discussions. These include: the question of whether and how we can talk about the 'rise' of the novel; the vexed question of what might constitute a novel; the relationship between the novel and possibly competing genres such as history or the romance; the relationship between early male writers like Defoe and popular novels by women in the early eighteenth century; the general ideological role played by novels relative to eighteenth-century culture (are they means of ideological conscription or liberation?); poststructuralist analyses of identity and gender; and the emergence of sentimental and domestic codes after Richardson. Since the modern European novel is often thought to have been formed in this period, these debates have clear implications for students of the novel in general as well as for those interested in the early enlightenment. Headnotes place each essay within the map of these wider concerns, and the volume offers a useful further reading list. Taken as a whole, this collection encapsulates the state of criticism at the present moment.

War and Turpentine

War and Turpentine Author Stefan Hertmans
ISBN-10 9781101874035
Year 2016-08-09
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Vintage

Longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize 2017 A New York Times Top 10 Best Book of the Year An Economist Best Book of the Year The life of Urbain Martien—artist, soldier, survivor of World War I—lies contained in two notebooks he left behind when he died in 1981. In War and Turpentine, his grandson, a writer, retells his grandfather’s story, the notebooks providing a key to the locked chambers of Urbain’s memory. With vivid detail, the grandson recounts a whole life: Urbain as the child of a lowly church painter, retouching his father’s work;dodging death in a foundry; fighting in the war that altered the course of history; marrying the sister of the woman he truly loved; being haunted by an ever-present reminder of the artist he had hoped to be and the soldier he was forced to become. Wrestling with this tale, the grandson straddles past and present, searching for a way to understand his own part in both. As artfully rendered as a Renaissance fresco, War and Turpentine paints an extraordinary portrait of one man’s life and reveals how that life echoed down through the generations. (With black-and-white illustrations throughout)

The Novel and the Obscene

The Novel and the Obscene Author Florence Dore
ISBN-10 0804751870
Year 2005
Pages 167
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

The Novel and the Obscene challenges our vision of early twentieth-century America as sexually progressive by identifying a resonant silence at the heart of the modernist American novel—a narrative mode that renders censorship symbolic at the very moment of its legal demise.

The Oxford History of the Novel in English

The Oxford History of the Novel in English Author Peter Garside
ISBN-10 9780199574803
Year 2015-02-05
Pages 624
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

Provides full and unprecedented coverage of a conventionally neglected period in the history of the novel, in particular taking advantage of recent major advances in scholarly bibliography and editing. Considers major figures such as Smollett, Sterne, Austen, and Scott, in a broad historical context, leading to new interpretation and insights. Also freshly tracks the emergence of a number of key subgenres, such as the Jacobin novel; Gothic and Sentimental fiction,and the National Tale, while examining relatively neglected fields such magazine fiction, children's literature, and the shorter tale. As a whole, maps the growing importance of the novel as anational cultural institution, at a time when Britain became a major exporter of fiction worldwide. The volume assembles leading specialists in the field, originating from Britain and Ireland, North America, Australasia, and continental Europe.

Pickled Delicacies

Pickled Delicacies Author Eva Aufreiter
ISBN-10 0764348728
Year 2015-07-15
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Schiffer Publishing

If you enjoy experimental cooking, take the first steps to becoming a master pickler by diving into this world of pickled delicacies. Experts have compiled 174 recipes with instructions for pickling fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, fish, cheese, and more in numerous types of alcohol, vinegar, and oil as well as sweet syrups, savoury salts, and other seasonings. Clementines in whiskey, pickled radishes, curry pears, goat cheese provençal, and eggplants in syrup are just a handful of delicious concoctions to indulge in or give away as gifts. Detailed ingredients, essential prep work (blanching, steaming, and filtering), and storage tips are included with the recipes, which are written to be followed with ease. But do not feel obliged to conform -- part of the fun is discovering new techniques and surprising yourself with the results. A glossary with all the pickling vocabulary you will ever need introduces you to this colourful culinary niche.