Chanting the Psalms

Chanting the Psalms Author Cynthia Bourgeault
ISBN-10 9781590302576
Year 2006
Pages 265
Language en
Publisher Shambhala Publications

In this book-with-CD, Cynthia Bourgeault shows how chanting the Psalms - those 150 exquisite hymns of praise to God from the Bible - can become a meaningful form of meditation and prayer for laypeople, leading to contemplation, insight, and joy. The mindfulness produced by chanting can be tapped into by anyone regardless of musical skill or theological sophistication, and it can be done in community as well as privately. In Chanting the Psalms, Bourgeault provides a history of Christian psalm chanting (also called "psalmody") and demonstrates how it relates to other chanting traditions. She also shows how chanting can fit into an existing practice of contemplation and prayer, deepening and enriching it. But she also teaches you how to do it: you can literally sing along with Cynthia on the accompanying CD as she and her friends demonstrate the basic techniques and easy melodies that anyone can learn to make psalmody a personal meditative practice.

Psalm 29 through Time and Tradition

Psalm 29 through Time and Tradition Author Lowell K. Handy
ISBN-10 9781630878412
Year 2009-02-18
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

Psalm 29, a sacred text in Jewish and Christian Bibles, has been understood in a variety of ways through time and in different traditions. This volume presents a sample of the use and meaning derived from a single biblical text. From the earliest translations to contemporary African Independent Churches, this psalm has been an integral part of synagogue and church; but what it has meant and how it is used is a fascinating journey through human culture. Not only the understanding of the written word, but also the liturgical use and the musical adaptations of a biblical text are considered here. This is a book for anyone--scholar, student, or laity--with an interest in the Bible in its many contexts.

New SCM Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship

New SCM Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship Author Paul F. Bradshaw
ISBN-10 9780334049326
Year 2013-04-30
Pages 508
Language en
Publisher Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd

This reference work incorporates the insights and expertise of leading liturgists and scholars of liturgy at work today, comprising 200 entries on important topics in the field, from vestments and offertories to ordination and divine unction. It is systematically organized and alphabetically arranged for ease of use. It also includes comprehensive bibliographies and reading lists, to bring the work fully up to date and to encourage further reading and research.

Anglican Chant and Chanting in England Scotland and America 1660 to 1820

Anglican Chant and Chanting in England  Scotland  and America  1660 to 1820 Author Ruth Mack Wilson
ISBN-10 0198164246
Year 1996
Pages 332
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

This book presents, for the first time, a history of English liturgical chant as performed in the Church of England and its transmission to churches in Scotland and the United States. In the mid-sixteenth century Reformation, the complex ritual of the latin rite was replaced by a one-volume Book of Common Prayer, in English. The general nature of the new rubrics, expecially for music, left many of the details of performance to be worked out in traditional ways. Thus the music evolved from its Latin roots in oral, and later, written practice. The body of music that makes up the chanting practice of Anglican and related churches around the world is indeed diversified. Some texts of the liturgy are harmonized in four or more voive parts, often with organ accompaniment, and others are sung in plainsong. The largest group of chants, those for the psalms and canticles, has an idiosyncratic written form and a performance practice that continues to evolve in oral tradition. This music is commonly known as Anglican chant. Its origins in the seventeenth century and its codification in the eighteenth are explored in the choral establishments of the Church of England and parish churches in England, Scotland, and the United States.

The Psalms of David

The Psalms of David Author George Guest
ISBN-10 1612610706
Year 2012-07-01
Pages 302
Language en
Publisher Paraclete Press

Tunes in this Psalter were collected by Dr. George Guest during his 40 year tenure as Organist and Choirmaster of St. John's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. They are arranged according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, and are pointed for chanting. "Informed by a quiet but profound spirituality, Dr. Guest directed the music at St. John's College, Cambridge University for 40 years until his retirement in 1991, where he was university organist (1974-91) and lecturer (1956-82). Guest often remarked that you can only reach a man's head through his heart. It is not therefore surprising that, as the years went on, the chanting of the psalms became an ever more considered and thoughtful meditation. He realized that the Anglican Evensong was the Church of England's greatest gift to the Christian world. It was his genius to give a unique and abiding expression to that liturgy that will live for generations to come." John Gummer, The Guardian

The Emergent Psalter

The Emergent Psalter Author Isaac Everett
ISBN-10 9780898698343
Year 2009-05-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.

Many alternative and emerging church communities have begun exploring ancient music and liturgical traditions despite a lack of high-quality, published liturgical music which does not require (or even desire) an organ and a four-part choir. The Emergent Psalter serves to provide that resource. Featuring music written for two emerging communities (Transmission in New York and Church of the Apostles in Seattle), this book is an excellent resource for anyone producing an alternative worship service or thinking of starting one.

Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music

Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music Author Joseph P. Swain
ISBN-10 9781442264632
Year 2016-10-11
Pages 402
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Sacred music is a universal phenomenon of humanity. Where there is faith, there is music to express it. Every major religious tradition and most minor ones have music and have it in abundance and variety. There is music to accompany ritual and music purely for devotion, music for large congregations and music for trained soloists, music that sets holy words and music without words at all. In some traditions—Islamic and many Native American, to name just two--the relation between music and religious ritual is so intimate that it is inaccurate to speak of the music accompanying the ritual. Rather, to perform the ritual is to sing, and to sing the ritual is to perform it. This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 800 cross-referenced entries on major types of music, composers, key religious figures, specialized positions, genres of composition, technical terms, instruments, fundamental documents and sources, significant places, and important musical compositions. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about sacred music.