Cases and Materials on U S Antitrust in Global Context

Cases and Materials on U S  Antitrust in Global Context Author Eleanor M. Fox
ISBN-10 0314199926
Year 2012
Pages 959
Language en
Publisher West Academic

This up-to-the-minute antitrust casebook is rich with political economy, economics, global perspective, and in general the analytics of solving contemporary antitrust problems in the United States and the world. Useful in a 3 or 4-credit course and as a desk book, the volume features all of the landmark U.S. antitrust cases, the evolving new economy and information technology developments, and references to contrasting and converging European, South African and other jurisprudence. It offers a clear presentation of the tools for analysis, examining assumptions that may influence outcomes. The work is unique in its probing questions that explore the line between hard competition and abuse of power, and its problem sets for analysis and debate.

Cases and Materials on U S Antitrust in Global Context 2010 Supplement

Cases and Materials on U S  Antitrust in Global Context  2010 Supplement Author Eleanor M. Fox
ISBN-10 0314262024
Year 2010
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher West Academic Publishing

This casebook supplement is, in itself, a compendium of modern antitrust law. It presents or summarizes the ten U.S. Supreme Court antitrust cases decided since Trinko in 2004, which span almost all areas of antitrust law from resale price maintenance and tying to predatory buying, price-squeezing, joint ventures, the single-entity doctrine, extraterritorial jurisdiction, and the antitrust/regulation interface. As well, it presents contemporary merger and monopoly analysis, merger guideline revisions, the FTC's revitalization of its unfairness jurisdiction, and challenges to reverse payment pharmaceutical settlements, and it contains sufficient substantive excerpts from the European Microsoft case to allow an appreciation of the US/EU fault lines.

International and Comparative Competition Law

International and Comparative Competition Law Author Maher M. Dabbah
ISBN-10 9781139492713
Year 2010-09-16
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This thorough appraisal of competition law and policy from an international and comparative perspective covers the role of different international organisations active in the area, the significance of multinational enterprises and, in particular, the differences between US and EU systems. Taking examples from regions such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Maher M. Dabbah looks at the law and policy in developing countries and at a regional level, the internationalisation of competition law and the doctrines of extraterritoriality, bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation as well as the relationship between competition and trade policy. The book should prove useful to anyone who is interested in gaining an insight into the international dimension of competition law and policy. It is written in a language and style which make such a complex topic both possible to understand and enjoyable.

How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark

How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark Author Robert Pitofsky
ISBN-10 9780195339765
Year 2008-10-14
Pages 309
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press on Demand

The essays collected in this book concern the rise and recent fall of American antitrust. Of the 15 essays, almost all express a deep concern that conservative economic analysis is leading judges and enforcement officials toward an approach that will ultimately harm consumer welfare.

Competition Law

Competition Law Author Richard Whish
ISBN-10 9780199660377
Year 2015-07-30
Pages 1176
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

Whish and Bailey's Competition Law is the definitive textbook on this subject. An authoritative treatment of competition law is paired with an easy-to-follow writing style to make this book a comprehensive guide to the subject; essential reading for law students, practitioners, and officials. Explaining the economic context within which competition law operates in the UK, EU, and internationally, Whish and Bailey examine the constituent parts of the law and evaluate their effect on commercial phenomena. Key aspects are examined in detail, including mergers, horizontal and vertical agreements, the Abuse of Dominance, intellectual property and the obligations of Member States under the EU. The book also scrutinizes fundamental Acts and Articles providing readers with context, consequences and an overview of how these are applied in practice. Clear, detailed, and critical, this is an unparalleled guide and stand-alone resource on competition law.

Schemes to Achieve a Binding International Agreement on Regulating Cartels

Schemes to Achieve a Binding International Agreement on Regulating Cartels Author John Sanghyun Lee
ISBN-10 9789811027567
Year 2016-12-22
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book addresses the lack of binding multi-lateral international agreement on cartels, through analysis of trials and failures. It also suggests strategic approaches to overcome current standstills. In addition, the book contrasts international agreement on cartels with inter-governmental commodity agreement which has been developed separately through international law. Through this project, the author puts forth that successful international law on cartels needs to reflect the interests and arguments of developing countries.

Antitrust Stories

Antitrust Stories Author Eleanor Fox
ISBN-10 9781628103021
Year 2007-08-24
Pages 405
Language en
Publisher West Academic

Drawing on history, economics, politics, and law, Fox and Crane’s Antitrust Stories provide a glimpse behind the texts of well-known legal opinions into the larger-than-life personalities and struggles of their antagonists and protagonists. Cases have been selected to provide a historical sampling of different eras of antitrust enforcement. They range from Standard Oil at the founding of U.S. antitrust to Microsoft in the new economy. This title is an invaluable supplement to any antitrust casebook, and the inclusion of cases with international aspects, including GE/Honeywell, Empagran, and Alcoa, makes it useful for courses on comparative or international competition policy. It is also useful as an assigned text for an undergraduate course in economic history or business regulation.

Cases and Materials on Modern Antitrust Law and Its Origins

Cases and Materials on Modern Antitrust Law and Its Origins Author Thomas D. Morgan
ISBN-10 0314283439
Year 2014-03-21
Pages 953
Language en

This text organizes cases over four periods: a 25-year period from 1890 to 1914, in which most of today's issues were foreshadowed; a 25-year period from 1915 to 1939, in which the 'rule of reason' forced courts to investigate the actual consequences of business practices; a 35-year period from 1940 to 1975, in which the per se rule and industry concentration provided the predominant models for analysis; and the modern period of now almost 40 years, which is a synthesis of the second and third periods. The new Fifth Edition retains enough of the first three periods to provide important intellectual and economic context, but it expands upon, even more fully, the recent developments of antitrust policy. All major Supreme Court authority is covered, including the 2013 Actavis 'reverse payments' and Phoebe Putney 'hospital regulation' cases, as well as the 2010 Merger Guidelines and developments in lower court treatment of tying, bundled pricing and mergers.

Cases and Materials on UK and EC Competition Law

Cases and Materials on UK and EC Competition Law Author Kirsty Middleton
ISBN-10 9780199290390
Year 2009-08-27
Pages 627
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

This book offers unique coverage of essential cases and materials on UK and EC competition law, providing students with a solid basis for understanding. Notes and questions test readers' progress, and a table of abbreviations and glossary of terms consolidate learning.

Cases and Materials on International Law

Cases and Materials on International Law Author Martin Dixon
ISBN-10 9780198727644
Year 2016-09-22
Pages 832
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Cases & Materials on International Law is a topical and engaging companion for study, offering broad coverage on public international law and placing disputes directly within the context of contemporary debate. The book contains the essential cases and materials that students need in order to fully understand and analyse the international legal system, drawing on a truly global range of jurisdictions and sources. Expert author commentary and notes place selected extracts within the wider legal framework and explain the complexities of the principles of law to students. The sixth edition includes expanded discussion of developing areas, including UN resolutions on climate change and international environmental law, new material from the International Law Commission, and coverage of major events, such as the annexation of Crimea, the legal context for Scottish independence and the UK's exit from the European Union, and the United Nations Security Council's Resolution on Malaysia Airlines MH17.

Global Competition Law and Economics

Global Competition Law and Economics Author Einer Elhauge
ISBN-10 9781847317674
Year 2011-08-03
Pages 1324
Language en
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

This is the second edition of the acclaimed text on global antitrust law. With markets becoming increasingly global, mergers requiring approval in several different jurisdictions, cartels in one nation affecting supply in others, and countries increasingly entering into treaties with each other about the content or enforcement of competition laws, antitrust law is now a truly global phenomenon. Modern antitrust law is also different because it now reflects an increasingly economic approach to analysing antitrust and competition policy. This innovative work is the only truly comparative and economically sophisticated casebook on the market. Addressed to students from all jurisdictions having competition laws, this casebook provides an in-depth analysis of the two major global antitrust regimes in the world, as well as a summary of selected national antitrust laws. As such it will also serve as a useful reference for practitioners, competition officials and policy-makers interested in competition law. In the four years since the first edition, the increased globalization of antitrust law has continued apace. China, the world's third largest economy after the EU and US, has adopted an antitrust law and other nations have modified and modernized their antitrust regimes. The EU has adopted a new EU Treaty, new EU guidelines on abuse of dominance, new EU guidelines on non-horizontal mergers, and new EU regulations and guidelines on vertical agreements. In the US there have been important new Supreme Court cases (the 2009 Linkline and 2010 American Needle decisions) and the appearance of a new economic approach in the revised 2010 U.S. Merger Guidelines. This new edition expands and updates the pioneering approach of the first edition, addressing new developments not only in the US and EU, but also in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea, with expanded coverage of China's new antitrust law, and the antitrust laws of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. Praise for the first edition '...worthy of considerable praise...contains a vast collection of well-chosen material taking in a wide span of both antitrust and merger law issues. It is well written and clear throughout, particularly on the economic concepts, and provides incisive commentary and questions which inspire further study.' Peter Whelan, Cambridge Law Journal 'Enlightened law professors and law schools will best serve their students not by teaching national competition law but by adopting Global Competition Law and excellent book for introductory courses in comparative competition law at either a graduate or undergraduate level.' Okeoghene Odudu, Common Market Law Review '...the best four-and-a-half centimetres of shelf-space that I have seen devoted to competition law and policy issues for a very long time†?.' Yvonne van Roy, New Zealand Law Journal 'Free from the ideologically-driven perspective that can affect other antitrust casebooks, this is also the first casebook organized from inception with an eye directly on the global context...this book may be used in a classroom in Europe just as it will be used in the U.S. The result is a highly welcome contribution to the evolution of competition studies.' Judge Douglas Ginsburg '...this book is the only one on the market that is extremely well suited for use in a comparative antitrust law extraordinarily teachable book that contains everything you might want to present...Finally, the comparative antitrust field has a standard textbook to use. And a wonderful standard it is.' Robert H Lande, University of Baltimore Law School